Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer from China

Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturers in China

pet supplies manufacturer china
pet supplies manufacturer china
Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer from China

Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturer From China

The number of pet owners has increased substantially over the past 5-10 years. People have come to realize that pets, whether dogs, cats or other domestic animals, are great companions. Furthermore, they have realized that they play a vital role in our daily life. As a result, the demand for pet supplies has also increased.

Statistics show that about 67% of American households have at least one pet. Data from the American Pet Products Association (APPA) also shows that sales of pet food and treats rose 6.5% between 2018 and 2019. Total sales in 2019 exceeded $36.9 billion. APPA predicts that this number will continue to grow.

About 60% of pet products and pet supplies sold in many parts of the world are exported from Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturer From China.

. However, most pet products traders or buyers encounter many problems when importing pet products and pet supplies from the country. This guide will answer most of your questions. We have listed the top 10 pet supplies manufacturers in China and the largest online source for pet supplies. This information will eliminate most problems encountered during the import process.

What Are Pet Supplies?

Pet supplies refer to everything related to pet life. From aquariums and dog toys to items you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Therefore, when shopping, you should be aware of many pet product categories. Below are the main categories.


dog supplies

There are many kinds of these products. Including bed, food and even medicine. Different dogs have different needs, though, depending on their breed and size, which means they treat different things differently. For example, puppies or new dogs are kept in cages until they learn house rules. Difficult-to-train dogs need lots of toys, including, baby toys, flight buddies, and rubber horseshoes to keep them busy.


cat supplies

Cats love a clean environment, so they are the easiest pets to keep. Cat supplies include cat toys, cat furniture, litter boxes, and other items designed to keep them happy and healthy.

bird supplies

People interact with caged birds more often. They also added lots of toys to the cage to keep the birds busy. Some items to help birds with movement include swings, perches, ladders, and towers.

Reptile Supplies

People who have reptiles and amphibians as pets at home must keep them where they cannot escape. Still, the animals must stay happy throughout the day. Reptile supplies include cages, bedding, glassware, lighting, and substrates.

fish supply

People who keep fish as pets need clean aquariums to keep them alive. They also have to maintain the correct temperature, which means they need heaters. Some people also buy decorations to beautify the aquarium.

Small Animal Supplies

Chinese pet supplies suppliers and manufacturers provide supplies for small animals. These supplies include housing, hygiene, grooming, exercise wheels, carriers, collars, toys and deodorants.

Horse Supplies

Equine supplies include boots, blankets, grooming, hoof supplies, pest control, hygiene products, toys and stable supplies.

Farm Animal Supplies

Such pet supplies include sheep, cows, waterfowl, miniature pigs, llamas, goats, pigeons, game birds and other miscellaneous items. Farm animal supplies you can buy from China include lubricants, supplements, and disinfectants.

Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturer From China.

The Reason To Choose Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturer from China?

When looking for the best pet supplies suppliers in China, one question you will come across is – why import pet supplies from China? The truth is, there are many benefits to importing from China. Here are some reasons why people import pet products and supplies from China.



You can save a lot of money by importing wholesale pet supplies from China. After factoring in shipping, import duties, and quality control, you’ll realize that you’ll save about 30-50% on most pet supplies compared to buying from a local distributor or importing from the West.



Chinese factories are more cooperative, they set lower minimum order quantities for mass production to accommodate more buyers. Also, they can produce large quantities of products in a short period of time.


China’s competitive advantage

Labor costs in China are higher than those in low- and middle-income countries in Southeast Asia. However, China has developed infrastructure, established supply chains for raw materials and components, and has a skilled workforce that makes up for high labor costs.
Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturer From China.

Why Is It So Benefitial To Import Wholesale Pet products from China?

The high demand for pet supplies makes wholesale imports from China a huge opportunity for business people. People who ordered goods from China built big businesses in their hometowns. The reason is as follows.

Cost-Friendly Pet Supplies

You will notice that when looking for the best suppliers, China offers most products at low prices. While the prices will be lower than what you would expect elsewhere, you will have the opportunity to haggle on what is on offer. This means that when importing from other countries or buying locally, you will enjoy a bigger discount than expected. Also, you will make more money if you import your products for retail.

Unique Pet Products

China Pet Supplies Wholesale Manufacturers and Suppliers always strive to produce better and unique products. This means you will get many unique products that will captivate your customers. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must conduct market research. Market research will help you understand your market needs and import the right goods.

wider range of products

There are many manufacturers of pet products and supplies in China. This means you can import almost anything from this country. In addition, most Chinese manufacturers are known to produce multiple versions of the same product, offering customers the opportunity to choose a product that matches their needs.

high profit

The main purpose of most people importing products from China is to make money. You can do this by importing unique quick sale products. The more people buy your item, the higher your profit. Also, pet supplies from China are cheaper and you can save more on shipping too. In the end, you will get bigger profits.

China offers higher quality pet supplies

While your customers will look for cheap products, they will also expect high quality products. Chinese manufacturers and suppliers face stiff competition. Therefore, they provide high-quality products that outperform their competitors. However, most people see Chinese goods as vulnerable. This is wrong. Even if there are shoddy sellers, you should expect high-quality products. You must research the product before purchasing.

Wholesale Pet Supplies Manufacturer From China

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