Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer from China

Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer&supplier from China

Pet supplies manufacturer china
Pet supplies manufacturer china

Taizhou Petfond is a professional pet supplies supplier specializing in wholesale pet supplies since 2005,located in Taizhou,China.Every year we manufacture and wholesale millions of dollars of non-food pet products to customers worldwide. Our company has been equipped with a set of the most advanced plastic production machinery and sewing production line to produce pet-related commodities, meanwhile we cooperate with various types of pet supplies producers to supply to our customer one-stop purchasing services by integrating resources across China. The product range includes but is not limited to: cat and dog feeding bowls and feeders, cat and dog nest mats and beds, cat and dog cages, cat and dog carriers, cat and dog toys, dog toilets, cat litter boxes,dog and cat leads&harness, etc.petfond has an excellent sales team, they are proficient in several mainstream universal languages ​​in the world, and can interact with pet supplies purchasers in most countries in the world. , aim to be one of the most professional pet supplies supplier We are responsible for all the pet supplies industry operators and enthusiasts, every product of our company will be allowed to be exported to foreign countries after a super strict inspection.If occationally our products are due to accidents When a problem occurs, our after-sales team will actively cooperate with customers to resolve the problem in the first time.The long-term customers with us are mainly pet supplies importers, wholesalers, retailers and supermarket chains. With good product quality and customer service level, our company’s business grows at a rate of 20% -30% every year, and At the same time, our customers have also developed rapidly, you could be one of then too,we look forward to cooperating with every pet supplies operator in globe.
Fianlly,If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by the contact on website or email us directly to:info@petfond.cn.

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