Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer from China

Silicone dog Lick mat maufacturer

We produce premium silicone dog lick mats

  • 100% food grade silicone raw materials
  • Various design options and color options
  • Offering OEM / ODM production service as well as multiple customization options
  • Custom branding, custom colors, custom packgings
  • Support fast and small batch shipments from China factories

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Wholesale silicone dog lick mats

  • We serve companies involved in the pet industry, focus on B2B business
  • Provide customers with high-quality silicone dog lick mats made in China and competitive wholesale prices

Work with petfond as your supplier for lick mats

The key to high-quality silicone dog lick mats lies in the raw materials quality. We use the raw materials in same level as well-known brands of pet products. They are 100% food grade, soft and durable. Products are shipped directly from factory warehouses in China to the world, providing you with the highest cost performance and price. Competitiveness


  • Premium raw materials to make qualified lick mats
  • Design team continues to launch new designed licks
  • Professional OEM /ODM manufacturer based in China, shipping to the global
  • Professional sales team providing excellent pet product procurement solutions
  • Every product is in stock, supporting small quantities and fast delivery

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