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  • We produce a wide variety of dog toys including: Dog chew toys, tug of war dog toys, throw & fetch dog toys, squeaky dog toys, treat dispensing dog toys, frisbees, and puzzle dog toys.
  • The dog toys we produce are made of a variety of materials, including: Latex dog toys, TPR dog toys, Cotton rope dog toys, Rubber dog toys Etc.
  • We strive to produce the highest quality dog ​​toys at a reasonable cost.

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  • Focus on dog toys’ manufacturing for more than 7 years.
  • Professional solutions for B2B dog toys businesses, the ultimate cost-effectiveness.
  • Shipping from China.

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China dog toy manufacturer for wholesale

Petfond is professional dog toy manufacturer based in China serving B2B global buyers in pet industry. The product range covers chew dog toy, tug dog toy, fetch dog toy, dental cleaning dog toy, puzzle dog toy etc.  Using environmentally friendly and safe materials to produce dog toys, for example: latex, TPR, cotton rope and rubber.


  • Self-operated dog toy factory, great quality management and cost management.
  • Regularly launch new self-designed dog toy products
  • Provide OEM customized dog toy production, 100% customized production according to customer needs
  • We have rich experience in exporting dog toys and have smooth communication with customers around the world.


Q: What are the features of dog toys made of different materials?

A: We will answer this question in detail because dog toys made of different materials have their own unique features.

  • TPR dog toys, TPR is a very common raw material for dog toys,It has high production efficiency, bite resistance, safety, bright colors (can be made into transparent colors too). But you need to be aware that each pet product supplier uses different TPR raw materials. Petfond uses the same raw materials as big brand dog toys, such as: KONG, Trixie.
  • Latex dog toys, The advantage of latex dog toys is that the raw materials are easily degradable and the surface of the product can be sprayed with paint of different colors. For countries that restrict plastic imports, latex dog toys are a very good choice.
  •  Rubber dog toys, Dog toys made of rubber are relatively the most bite-resistant toys. At the same time, some rubber materials are made of 100% natural rubber, which is very safe for the health of pets. However, the raw material cost and product processing cost of rubber are relatively high, so its products are usually more expensive than other materials.

Q: Do you accept OEM purchase orders for dog toys?

A: Yes, we accept custom orders for dog toys, which is also a common way for us to cooperate with large buyers. The customization range of dog toys we provide is very wide: product color, product printing logo, product packaging, etc.

Q: What are the trade terms for cooperation with you?

A: Our quotations are generally based on FOB trade terms. If you want to know the freight cost of the goods from the Chinese port to the destination, we can introduce you to a professional freight company.

Q:Can I get some dog toy samples to check the quality before placing an order?

A: No problem, We offer free samples, usually the international courier costs will be borne by the customer. We strongly recommend that customers check samples before placing an order to ensure that you have a detailed understanding of our dog toys products.

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