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pet grooming tools manufacturer

  • We supply pet grooming tools to B2B buyers around the world at the most cost-effective prices
  • Products include but are not limited to: pet grooming brush, pet grooming comb and pet nail clippers
  • Products cover various needs: deshedding, flea ewmoval, easy hair cleaning and more.

Wholesale Pet grooming products

  • Our company is committed to providing B2B customers with the most cost-effective products
  • 100% product customization, producing pet grooming tools based on customers’ needs

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Supplying the most cost-effective pet grooming products

Partnering with Petfond enables you to beat your competitors with two factors: unique products and great prices.

We provide the most cost-effective pet products, including pet grooming products of course.

There is also 100% customization service to differentiate the product from your competitors.


  • Listing thousands of SKUs for pet product buyers to choose from, and we source any pet supplies buyers need.
  • Petfond has its own factory and cooperates with more mature factories to form a strong supply chain for pet accessories, bringing customers highly cost-effective and high-quality pet products.
  • OEM production services, customers can 100% customize the production of pet products in terms of product color, product structure, product packaging, product printing, etc., thereby meeting market demand and taking advantage of the competition in the pet products industry


Q: What pet grooming products can you produce??

A: We produce a variety of different types of pet grooming products. For example: Pet deshedding brushes, flea removal combs, nail clippers, our products are featured with innovative functions like easy hair cleaning, Blood line indicate LED light etc.

 Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: Our company is deeply involved in the production process of pet grooming products, including product design, raw material management, quality management and other processes. We can provide customers with competitively priced pet grooming products.

Q: Can we custom produce pet grooming products?

A: Sure, Our company’s main business is OEM production. Like most OEM pet product manufacturers, we can provide buyers with various customized services, including but not limited to: product structure customization, product color customization, product packaging customization, and product printing customization.

Q: What are the trade terms for cooperation with you?

A: Our quotations are generally based on FOB trade terms. If you want to know the freight cost of the goods from the Chinese port to the destination, we can introduce you to a professional freight company.

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