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Dog lead / dog collar / Dog harness

Wholesale dog lead manufacturers / wholesale dog collar manufacturers / wholesale dog harness manufacturers

If you are feeling tiresome with procurement of pet supplies when facing to a lot of supplier from different regions.

You should consider to work with Petfond,the professional wholesale dog harness suppliers.

Established in 2010,owning 2 professional pet product factories and working with a strong supply chain to be your time saver & cost saver .

Petfond Manufactures Full range of pet supplies for dog & cat including:Feeding bowl,food & water dispenser,food container,grooming tool,bed,carrier,toy,leash,collar,harness and Hygiene products.

  • Wholesale dog lead manufacturers
  • Wholesale dog collar manufacturers
  • Wholesale dog harness manufacturers

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china wholesale pet supplies manufacturer
china wholesale pet supplies manufacturer
china wholesale pet supplies manufacturer
china wholesale pet supplies manufacturer

What are the essential pet products a pet shop must have?

If you are pet shop owner/pet company buyer/retail company pachaser,It’d better to know which are the essential for pet keepers because in most cases,the essential is always the products sold most in the pet product shelves.

Petfond as a professional pet product supplier/ pet supplies manufacturer in China,has been in pet industry for more than 12 years and through our export volume,we would recommend some essential items to new pet product sellers.

  • Pet feeding bowl
  • Pet bed
  • Pet collar/Pet leash/Pet harness
  • Basic pet Toys
  • Cat litter box and scoop

The above pet products are the must-haves for every pet owner, so you can purchase them with confidence. They are also usually the best-selling pet products besides food.

You need a professional pet supplies manufacturer in China to make procurement less tiresome.

Petfond have 12 years of experience in the production of pet supplies. For every customer who is far away from China, we can provide a lot of help to promote their pet product business.

We are going to show you our advantages and how they can help customers save time and cost.

Direct sales

Pet supplies manufacturer in China

Petfond owns 2 pet products factories in China.

Strong supply chain in pet industry

Wholesale pet supplies from China

We can source raw materials and finished products at the lowest price.

One-stop solution

We integrate the goods, buyers only need to place one order to complete the purchase of a series of pet products from China, it can save a lot of time and logistics costs.

Flexible OEM service

Your ideas can be engaged in the pet supplies production,including but not limited to product color,logo,printing & packaging.

Professional Sales Team

Petfond has been devoted to the pet products industry for 12 years,we have a deep understanding of customers’ needs and know how to achieve customers’ goals to help business growth.

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