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How Pet Supplies Are Produced-China Pet Product Factory

Pet supplies manufacturer
Pet supplies manufacturer

How pet supplies are produced-china pet product factory

When you see your pets happily playing with their toys, or they are eating from a bowl or sleeping on a bed, do we think about who made these pet products. There is a huge pet product industry chain behind these pet products with different functions and made of different materials, and behind this industry chain, about 75% come from china pet product factory.

pet product manufacturer

Global pet product owners or practitioners in the pet industry may not know how these products are produced. As a China pet product factory and exporter, Petfond staff often need to explain the production process of products when negotiating business with global pet product buyers, so that they can better help customers realize their product ideas. Today, let us use an article to introduce in detail which pet products are produced by different factories.

China Stainless steel pet bowl factory
Wholesale painted stainless steel pet feeding bowl from China
Wholesale stainless steel dog bowl by pet supplies manufacturer from China

Stainless Steel Products Factory-China Pet Product Factory 

  • Pet Bowl 
  • Food Feeder/Water Feeder 


Pet products made of stainless steel have the advantages of durability and easy cleaning. They are usually made into pet products for pet feeding or water feeding through stamping of molds. If you want to meet the requirements of food grade, you need to ask china pet product factory to use #304 stainless steel to produce the pet products you need. The surface of stainless steel can be colored by electroplating, and usually we can also see gold, rose gold and other colors.

Pet clothe factory china
Dog snuffle mat
Multi-sized dog harness wholesale by pet supplies manufacturer in China

Textile sewing factory

  • Pet Clothing 
  • Pet Collar 
  • Pet Leash 
  • Pet Nest/Mat 
  • Pet Backpack


China’s textile sewing factories can produce pet products mainly in the above categories. The main production process is to process semi-finished materials through semi-automatic sewing machines operated by workers. The materials are mainly divided into: cotton cloth/linen cloth/faux leather material/nylon webbing/other composite materials and so on. If you want OEM service or request a customized sample From china pet product factory, you need to be aware that the pet products you design may result in a relatively high MOQ for raw materials.

Pet clothe factory china
Slow feeding dog bowl
Wholesale Pet Supplies Product Accessory Manufacturer Supplier Wholesaler From China

Plastic Pet Products Factory

  • food Feeder/Water Feeder 
  • Dog Toy
  • Cat Toy
  • Cat Litter Box 
  • Pet Water Cup 
  • Pet Cage 


Yes, as you can see, all plastic pet supplies come from factories specializing in the production of plastic products. Their process is injection molding or blow molding, and the materials are also divided into various types, including: PP /ABS/NYLON/PC/PS/TRITON/PET/TPR and so on, various materials have different performance and appearance.


for example, you can use PP or ABS material to produce a solid color pet bowl, you can also use PS Or PET to produce a transparent one. Also, if you use Nylon to produce a dog toy, then it will be extremely hard. If you change it to TPR material, then the product will become elastic and it can also be transparent. Each product will be different in the production process, but you need to pay attention to that all these productions require corresponding molds. 


If you have a new product idea, then you or the manufacturer needs to invest a certain amount of money according to this idea. A new set of molds can cost a fortune, so it’s best to work with a pet supply manufacturer as experienced as Petfond to determine a fully viable solution before you start. If you are a novice, or you are a pet product buyer who cares about cost performance, it would be more appropriate to purchase some pet products that already have ready-made molds in China pet product factory

Pet clothe factory china
Wholesale melamine pet feeding bowl by pet supplies manufacturer
Wholesale melamine pet feeding bowl by pet supplies manufacturer

Melamine Products Factory

  • Pet bowl

Most of these pet bowls with beautiful patterns are made of melamine, because the production process of melamine allows China pet product factory to attach a film with printed patterns on the surface of the product, so melamine pet bowls can be easily There are a variety of designs and colors, and the cost of realizing these pattern innovations is very low, so if you have some ideas, it will be very suitable to put them on the melamine pet bowl.

Rubber pet toy factory china
triangle rope tug dog chew toy manufacturer china
Tennis ball tumble dog toy

Rubber products factory – china pet product factory

  • Dog toy

Rubber has good elasticity and durability. Through high-temperature die-casting, rubber can be molded into pet toys of various shapes. Pet toys made of natural rubber can pass food-grade testing. However, compared with pet toys made of TPR, the raw material cost and production cost of rubber are higher, so buyers need to make a trade-off between quality and price.

Vinyl pet toy factory china

Vinyl factory

  • Dog toy

The advantages of vinyl pet toys are that they are cheap, can be painted in various colors, and are also non-toxic materials, so vinyl pet toys are favored by global buyers. As long as it costs less mold costs, the factory can create a vinyl pet toy that is completely customized by the customer in terms of shape and color.

There are still many production processes of pet products that have not been listed one by one. As a professional and experienced Chinese pet product manufacturer, Petfond not only operates its own factories, but also cooperates with professional factories to develop products. Provide affordable and high-quality products to global pet product buyers. If you want to know more about pet products made in China, please feel free to contact us.

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