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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Lick Mats manufacturer in China

wholesale dog lick mats manufacturer in china
wholesale dog lick mats manufacturer in china

What is silicone dog licks?

The silicone silicone lick mat is a feeding toy specially designed for dogs to better enjoy non-solid food and also prevents food from spilling out of the pet dinnerware to maintain the floor clean.

In order to better play the role of silicone dog lick mats, pet product designers thought of a way to make them firmly fixed on the ground or wall, so silicone dog lick mat with suction cups were born. 

Thanks to the strong adsorption force of the silicone suction cup at the bottom, dog lick mats can be firmly adsorbed on the tiles. Therefore, when bathing, a silicone dog lick mat with food spread on it can be sucked on the wall to attract the attention of the pet dog. It can also reduce the psychological pressure of dogs who are afraid of water when bathing.

The functions of this product can indeed bring many benefits to pet owners and pets.


Who made it? Wholesale silicone dog lick mats manufacturer in China

If you search silicone dog lick mats manufacturer on Google, you’ll get result about some well-known global pet supply brands selling various types of dog lick mats, but as you know, behind these well-known brands, there are many silicone dog lick mats factories who are unknown to all the consumers, and most of the factories are in China.

Yes, Chinese factories amost produce everything that we see in daily life!

Shown here is a manufacturing equipment for ordinary silicone products. Its production process is as follows:

  • Cut the silicone raw material into uniform blocks and place it on the mold.
  • The upper and lower molds have been heated to the set temperature. When the silicone comes into contact with them, it will soften due to the increase in temperature.
  • Then the upper and lower molds are closed, and the softened silicone will be squeezed out of the shape of the mold cavity under high pressure, which is the appearance of the silicone dog lick mats we see.
  • Then it is necessary to clean up some of the excess silicone raw materials that have overflowed and inspect the finished products.

Through this video, it is very easy for us to understand how the dog lick pads are produced.

More informations about the raw material of dog lick mats that produced in China

Many pet company buyers are confused about the quality of bulk and cheap pet lick pads produced in China, and even worry about whether they will have a negative impact on the health of pets. However, in fact, such concerns are unnecessary in most cases.

These mats are primarily crafted using food-grade silicone, chosen for its flexibility, durability, and non-toxic properties. Food-grade silicone ensures that the mats are safe for pets to lick and interact with daily. Manufacturers often select silicone due to its resistance to high temperatures, making the mats dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. This material also allows for intricate designs and textures on the mats, enhancing their utility in promoting slower feeding and oral stimulation for dogs.

Also buyers can take some samples to a professional testing agency to ensure that the quality of these silicone dog licking mats are up to standard like FDA, LFGB etc.

Why China's dog lick mats manufacturer prefer wholesale rather than retail?

China’s dog lick mats manufacturer predominantly favor wholesale over retail for several strategic reasons. Firstly, wholesale orders allow manufacturers to achieve economies of scale, reducing production costs per unit through bulk manufacturing and streamlined processes. This cost efficiency translates into higher profit margins compared to retail sales.

Secondly, wholesale transactions often involve larger quantities per order, providing manufacturers with stable and predictable revenue streams. This predictability is crucial for planning production schedules and optimizing resource allocation.

Moreover, wholesale partnerships with distributors or retailers enable manufacturers to reach broader markets both domestically and internationally. By selling in bulk to intermediaries who handle distribution and retailing, manufacturers can focus on production and scale their operations efficiently.

Additionally, wholesale arrangements foster long-term business relationships with buyers, promoting loyalty and repeat orders. Manufacturers can also negotiate favorable terms and conditions such as payment schedules and delivery terms in wholesale contracts, reducing financial risks and enhancing cash flow management.

In summary, opting for wholesale transactions aligns with China’s dog lick mats manufacturers’ goals of maximizing profitability, expanding market reach, and maintaining operational efficiency in the competitive pet supplies industry.

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