Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer from China

Best way to import pet supplies from china

import pet supplies from china
import pet supplies from china

Best way to Import pet supplies from china

Import pet supplies from china

Pet lovers have endless opportunities to import pet supplies from China. You can search online for desired family pet products in China and import them while in any country. We make that possible at TAIZHOU PETFOND ELECTRONIC TECH. CO.,LTD.

Read this detailed guide on how to go about our service that helps you import pet supplies from China.

Why import pet Supplies from China

There are three reasons why China has strategically positioned itself as the ideal place for importing pet products:

Cost-friendly pet supplies

Anybody looking for pet products in China will find that the country has some of the lowest prices on imports. Even though an item’s starting price is already lower than what’s available elsewhere, you still have the opportunity to further bargain on the price offered.

That means if you want to buy wholesale pet items from China, you would be in a position to get much better discounts than at any other place. When importing these products for business purposes, you are assured of higher returns.

Unique pet products

Pet suppliers and manufacturers in China are known to think outside the box, creating new products that you may not find in most countries. Thus, importing from China means you get unique pet products that will leave you mesmerized.

This is a rare chance to either sell or have your pets use unique products. The level of creativity in China has continued to increase over the years, exposing you to more interesting items.

Access to quality products

Chinese suppliers and producers face stiff competition amongst each other. Thus, they strive to out-do competition by providing the best quality collapsible dog crate and additional dog products. Not only do consumers prefer cost-friendly goods, but they also want these to be of high quality.

The common assumption out there is that most Chinese goods are fragile and lower durability. That is false. The pet Supplies you obtain from the united states are of the best quality, and you can import them without a doubt. Of course, just like most marketplaces, you will come across some shoddy sellers. That is why you need to conduct detailed market research before starting to import.

How to look for pet supplies in China online

China has hundreds of manufacturers and trading companies on Globalsources.com and Alibaba.com from whom you can buy pet products.

Alibaba alone has more than 387,490 pet products. Your options are limitless when it comes to sourcing for producers of different types of domestic pets in China.  All that you need to do is take the time to browse through the wide range of catalogs available on Alibaba and Globalsources.com online family pet stores and order your preferred items.

Whether you are looking for a dog shop or puppy pen, your options are limitless regarding how to start this. At PETFOND, we aim at making life easier for you by importing the products to your doorstep.

The rapid growth of online shopping in China has allowed buyers worldwide to access pet products sold in the country without traveling physically. Whether you want to buy guinea pig food or cat brush, you can get it online.

Because of the limitless options provided, you need to make sure that you’ve selected the right online supplier to avoid disappointments. Make sure that you choose traders that specialize in at least certain areas.

More importantly, you want to ensure that the suppliers have undertaken the required registration. Aim at buying from those with:

ISO 9001 certified

Sedex or BSCI registered.

Positive reviews of delivering quality products

Favorable pet products price.

The suppliers are expected to meet specific requirements to get these certifications and are vetted by government authorities. That gives you the confidence that you are dealing with someone who can deliver on their promise.

How can you confirm the quality of your Chinese pet Supplies?

Even as you attempt to get discount pet products from China, there is a need to make sure its quality remains intact. Among the things that you need confirmation from the pet shop includes:

Safety of your pet product

Performance test

Chemical requirements


You cannot proceed to ship items from China without quality inspections. That said, the process can be somewhat complicated for those doing this for the first time. Luckily, you have access to agents you can instruct on how you want the quality tests done.

Types Of Pet Products You Can Import From China

You have a wide variety of options regarding the pet product types you can legally import from mainland China. They include:

Pet travel accessories

Cat cages

Dog leash

Pet grooming brushes

Pet textiles

Cat trees

Cat/dog sofas

Pet cleaning products, e.g., medicated dog shampoo.

Dog crate furniture

XXL dog crate

Pet tracking devices

Other electronics for pets

Dog nail trimmer

The list is not exhaustive. However, these are the most popular categories in all pet items shops. When you execute a simple online search like “family pet store near me,” you are more likely to find the manufacturers listing products in virtually any of the mentioned categories.

Choosing the right company to get pet products from is important because it influences the product scope.

How can I ship pet supplies from China?

You have more than 6 choices for shipping pet materials from China: Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Express Freight.

Air Freight – Mostly used for pet items that weigh between 200 to 500 lbs. The average time it takes to deliver is 2 to 10 days in addition to 1 1 to 5 days of customs clearance.

Sea Freight – The delivery service is suitable for products that weigh a lot more than 500 pounds. Also, you should not be in a hurry to receive the pet supplies. It can take between 14 to 35 times, plus 1 to 5 days custom clearance to get the ordered items.

Express Freight – Mostly used by those who order pet meals online. The shipping support guarantees the transportation of your shipment in the shortest period possible.

Rail Freight – This method involves using trains to transport your shipment from China. Rail freight is one of the most popular shipping services as That’s since it is less expensive than Air flow Freight and faster than Sea Freight.

Ocean Freight + Express Freight – A delivery option that lets you enjoy the timeliness of Communicate Freight and the cost-friendliness of Ocean Freight.Both of these two methods combine together can help to solve many problems during international shipping

Air Freight + Exhibit Freight – Atmosphere Freight is among the safest and efficient ways of shipping pet products on an immediate basis. Express Freight is usually billed as the fastest method for shipping your pet supplies directly from the warehouse to your specified destination. Combining the two allows you to benefit from the benefits that both provide.

Other combined shipping strategies are OK too, that depends on your shipping requirements.

Welcome to contact with us directly about any questions for Producing & shipping pet items from China to all of the world.

This guide has covered all the essential details you need to know about how to import pet supplies from China. Ensure that you conduct thorough research on your supplier as you buy from them. More importantly, choose a supplier that suits your needs. At petfond, we make it easy to import pet items from China by giving flexible options. You can Work with us in multi-ways.

You Can Reach Us 24/7, and we will be happy to help you at any time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us any time for all queries about ordering pet supplies from China.

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