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Melamine+SS single bowl #BM001-A MOQ100

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Product dimensions:

BM001-A-1 (Small): 11*14*4.5 cm

BM001-A-2 (Medium): 14.5*17.5*6 cm

BM001-A-3 (Large): 17.5*22*8 cm


Minimum order quantity:

100 pieces

Feeding bowl-Material

Stainless steel, Melamine

Feeding bowl-Type

Single bowl

Feeding bowl-Usage

Ordinary feeding

Super high quality food grade melamine pet bowl made in China for wholesale

  • The M-shaped hollow at the bottom makes the melamine pet bowl easier to pick up and put down.
  • Available in stock, small batch purchases are available
  • There are many colors to choose from, helping you gain an advantage in the market
  • A5 food grade melamine, the same level as baby products
  • As long as the quantity reaches 1,000, we can customize a unique designated print for you

Melamine pet bowl painting styles

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