Wholesale pet supplies manufacturer from China

Wholesale Cat Tunnel Manufacturer

Material Polyester
Target species Cat
Colour Various
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions Various
Item weight Various
OEM option Shape&Color
SKU Various
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About this product:

【Simple and Beautiful Design】Pop-up cat hole, foldable S-shaped channel tube 5-way pet tunnel, convenient storage, lightweight and a fish eye hole to let your pet freely enjoy more fun.

【Cat Toys Easy to Clean】If your pet accidentally uses the cat hole as a toilet, you can rinse it with a water hose and let it dry naturally, if there is any smell, it will look brand new. Before drying, some scented products can be placed in the cat cave.

【Suitable for hiding】It is more suitable for cats, like a hunter hiding in the dark. If you have annoying mice in your home, cat pops up in the cat hole to help you with those problems.

【Pet Tunnel Size】Our product is sized to fit all small animals, and the size is designed to bring your pet to a better level.

【Cat Hole Material】The cat hole for indoor cats is made of soft and smooth polyester, tear-resistant nylon durable construction, fully enclosed steel frame can protect your pet, unlike other vulnerable tents and beds .