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Anti-slip SS single bowl #BS004 MOQ200

SKU BS004 Category

Product dimensions:

BS004-1: 14*4.8 cm  520ml

BS004-2: 18*5 cm  822ml

BS004-3: 22*6.5 cm  1718ml

BS004-4: 26*7.7 cm  2621ml


Minimum order quantity:

200 pieces

Feeding bowl-Material

Stainless steel, Silicone

Feeding bowl-Type

Single bowl

Feeding bowl-Usage

Ordinary feeding

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Stainless steel bowl with silicone non-slip bottom for wholesale

  • Easy to clean and durable stainless steel pet bowl
  • The bottom is 100% covered with silicone material, which can remain motionless during use
  • Simple and practical shape, available in multiple colors and sizes
  • There is a spot reserve, and a small amount can be shipped directly from China